The Founders

The founders of Galanter Tomosovich recognized that the traditional method of providing effective and successful legal services lacks essential elements. As a result, clients often feel that lawyers create problems rather than help them solve these problems. The founders of Galanter Tomosovich resolved to create a firm that utilizes aspects of traditional legal practice but which combines that with a new and fresh approach to the law. They resolved to practice this new approach in an intimate setting which would allow the free flow of ideas between Galanter Tomosovich lawyers and would lead to better solutions and better results for their clients.

Our Approach

We have a unique approach to the practice of law. We employ a legal approach which combines an analysis of applicable law with plain and simple common sense. In short, we do not recommend a legal strategy unless our hearts and minds agree. We pride ourselves on providing smart and practical advice. Our job is to simplify and solve complex problems in the most cost- effective way.

Our Attorneys

Our partners come from large and medium sized law firms. As a result, we have the skill and expertise to handle the most complex matters. However, we do so at a substantially lower cost than larger firms. In addition to practicing law, many of our attorneys are also entrepreneurs and businessmen outside of the legal arena. This uniquely qualifies us to provide our clients with practical, business-friendly solutions in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Fees

We believe the traditional law firm business model and the standard hourly fee arrangement do not always serve the best interest of clients. Rather, they incentivize lawyers to create problems instead of solving them. They also encourage law firms to overstaff projects and extend the representation for as long as they can in order to maximize the legal fees they charge. The amount we bill clients should not be determined by how long we can take to solve the client’s issue, win the client’s lawsuit or how many attorneys with whom we staff a project. Instead, we believe that what we charge for our services should reflect the skill and value that we add and our ultimate success. We staff our legal engagements with partner-level experience and the fewest number of attorneys that an engagement requires. In addition to our standard hourly rates, whenever possible we offer and utilize a variety of unique billing arrangements such as flat fees, partial or full contingency fees, and other alternative fee arrangements. These arrangements provide our clients with more control and certainty over the legal fees they incur, help to align our interests with those of our clients and result in us sharing the risk that our clients face in their legal affairs. We are happy to discuss fee arrangements which accommodate your needs and, whenever possible, we will structure our fee arrangements in a manner that makes business sense for us both.